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Terms and Conditions - Construction Commitments Aware Training

1. These Terms and Conditions set out the rights, responsibilities and duties that govern the selection, administration, training delivery and company participation for the training programme.

2. Each company applying to undertake the training confirms, at application, the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

3. The final decision on the selection of companies to undertake the programme or to resolve a matter in dispute will reside with Skills Development Recognition*.

4. No company is eligible to join the training course if they have not joined the CCA scheme by becoming a Member, whether through sponsorship or by their own payment.

5. A place on the training courses will not be reserved if the application form is incomplete or if the course fee has not been paid. Places will only be reserved upon receipt of monies.

6. Companies completing the course, completing their on line profile information and passing the CCA desk top audit will be awarded Incorporated Member status on the scheme. No Member will achieve Incorporated status unless they have undertaken the 2 day training programme.

7. If for any reason the company is unable to attend on the date it has booked it must give a minimum of 72 hours notice to Skills Development Recognition on the e-mail address Failure to attend or provide adequate notice of cancellation will result in forfeit of the training fee and attendance at a subsequent date will incur a new full fee payment.

8. If the fee for training has not been received within 7 days of the invoice date then the booked place will be offered to other companies. Places will only be reserved, and confirmed, upon receipt of the relevant fee.

9. Attendance throughout each day is required to ensure the programme can be properly delivered. A late arrival or early departure adversely impacts upon the delivery of the course to the other attendees. Providing the company’s representative has attended the full 2 days a certificate of attendance will be issued as a pdf document.

10. If the company changes the dates it wishes to attend the training course or fails to attend the second day of training on the date reserved and wishes to attend at a later date an administration fee of £50 + VAT will be payable before attendance on the later date can be undertaken.

11. If the company has:
a. Joined the CCA scheme as a Member; and
b. Attended both days of the training course; and
c. Completed their online profile to a standard considered acceptable to Skills Development Recognition, as verified by desk top audit

Membership at Incorporated level will be confirmed upon the company.

The standard Membership fee allows for an initial and final desk top audit and conformance report. If for any reason the company requires more audits than this, i.e. it fails to address any non conformances highlighted in the first audit report before resubmitting the profile for a compliant final audit, then a charge of £50 + VAT will be made for each additional audit.

12. Members are required to complete their online profile and submit it for audit within 10 weeks of completing the second day of the training course otherwise their Membership may be forfeited together with all fees paid.

If for any reason the submitted online profile fails to pass audit a further period of up to 6 weeks will be allowed for amendment, dependent on the magnitude of the non conformance. After this extended period, if the profile has not been corrected to the standard considered acceptable, Membership may be forfeited together with all fees paid.

A detailed report on the desk top audit will be issued if any matters are found to be non conforming to the standard considered acceptable.

The question set and the documents required to be provided as evidence accord with a wide range of PQQs issued in the West Midlands by public sector and principal contractors, as well as the national standard PAS91:2010.

13. The annual renewal of Membership for the second year will occur 52 weeks from the date at which Incorporated status is confirmed. This may be up to 62 weeks from the date of your second day on the training course but will not be extended beyond this period if you fail to achieve Incorporated status within the 10 week period allowed.

14. Incorporated Membership status in Construction Commitments Awareness must be achieved before a company can be listed in an online directory as CCA and the CCA official logo awarded.

15. Construction Commitments Awareness status is awarded for a 12 month period and must be renewed to maintain the status. If requested to do so by SDR, the company must update their online profile at each anniversary to maintain Incorporated status. Failure to update the profile within 4 weeks of notice to do so will result in disqualification from the scheme. Updated profiles will be subject to desk top audit at each renewal anniversary.

16. SDR will monitor the time based validity of your documents, insurance cover periods, 3rd party accreditations (ISOs, etc.) etc. according to the renewal dates you provide. If, during the 12 month period of Membership, the company fails to address a reminder (and subsequent warning) from SDR to amend, replace or renew evidence of its online profile within the time period allowed, the Membership may be suspended for a period up to the renewal date of the 12 month Membership period or full compliance with the warning notice, whichever is sooner. Such notices may be issued for reasons such as expiry of insurances, accreditations, licenses and the like which were a part of the original desk top audit being satisfied.

NB: Achievement of Incorporated status is a condition of sponsorship by the Principal Contractor and failure to achieve this status will result in the £550 Membership fee having to be refunded to them by the applicant.

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